• Question: Do you accept credit cards?

  • Answer: Yes, VISA, M/C

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  • Question: Do I have to replace all of my windows at once or can I replace them a few at a time?

  • Answer: We do have a 3 window minumum, but we are glad to replace some of your windows now and some of them later. We call this a partial job and in todays economy that is something we can help you out with.

  • Question: Do you offer any types of financing?

  • Answer: We offer financing at very competitive rates to qaulified buyers.

  • Question: The size of the windows are measured in UI. What does UI mean?

  • Answer: U.I. stands for United Inches. When you measure your window always measure the width first and the height second -- add the two figures together and that number is the total united inches. (Example 36 X 36 =3D 72 U.I.) Note: Always round off measurements to the next highest inch.

  • Question: Where do I measure my window?

  • Answer:
    For the Width: Measure between the jambs at 3 points -- top, middle and bottom. Use the smallest measurement.

    Height: Measure from back side of the sill stool to the top of the window casing on the left, right and middle. Use the smallest measurement. Always round up measurement to the next highest inch.

  • Question: If all windows are custom made to fit the same opening where my old window was, can I put any style window in that opening? (Style meaning how the window opens).

  • Answer: Usually the size of the opening dictates what style of window you can choose. For example, if your window opening is wider than it is taller, the least expensive window would be a sliding or a casement window. If your window is taller that it is wider, then a window that opens up and down might be best. In some cases where the opening is of average size you have a choice of four styles such as picture, slider, double hung or casement. Shop before in each window catalog you will find size limitations for width and height for each window style.

  • Question: When a window operates up and down, I have heard the term single hung and double hung. What is the difference?

  • Answer: The terms single hung and double hung refers to windows that operate up and down. A single hung window is fixed at the top and only the bottom sash opens. On a double hung window, both the top sash and bottom sash open and both usually tilt-in for cleaning.

  • Question: Is a double pane window the same as a thermal pane window?

  • Answer: NO! Just because a window has two panes of glass, it cannot be considered a thermal pane window. A double pane window that has two panes of single strength glass is just that, a window that has two panes of glass. A thermal pane window will have two panes of double-strength lowE glass and may be gas filled.

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